Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Only Three More Sleeps!

Well .. we had our last meeting at Dofasco last night before heading out to Reno this coming Saturday morning. Handed out jackets, trading pins, double checked paperwork, discussed how to pack all the "weird and wacky" things that we're taking with us .. and tried to hypnotize everyone into remembering their mantra for the week ... "GET A RECEIPT".

Their presentations were amazing .. everyone has worked hard on upgrading backboards, binders, and elevator speeches.

We will be meeting 16 of the other students (the ones chosen by YSC) at the airport on Saturday morning. We're all on the same flight to Chicago. We then meet up with the 4 students chosen from the Montreal Regional Fair in Chicago, and we're all on the same flight to Reno. Might I apologize ahead of time to anyone on that flight who is not with IISEF!?

Here they are in front of Alex and Andrew's project. The "glow" from the LED lights is making them all look a little red ....

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